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My name is Mino Christante and I have been professionally employed in the audiophile industry for over 16 years. Let's find out how we can make your system perform better.

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Velvet Mini Component Feet
Velvet Mini Component Feet
Let's make your system perform better from the ground up. We offer the "Velvet Mini" and "Velvet Reference" Component Feet from Aluminous Audio, which enhance performance of audio components and speakers. Try them in your system before you buy.
Aluminous Audio
Aluminous Audio
The Gravitas Speaker System is the only suspended listening system in the world that delivers worldclass performance. That is why I decided to exclusively offer this one-of-a-kind, individually-built, and individually-tuned speaker system.
Sell Your Audio Components
Sell Your Audio Components
When I sell your audio components, you receive 60% of the sales price. I pay for all fees and expenses. Or visit our site and sell it yourself for free or a nominal fee.

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