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starting a new page at The Audio Classifieds

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We are excited about becoming part of new online audio community where we can post info about our business for free. It's called The Audio Classifieds. Here is our link. Audio dealers or other businesses or organizations an use this - We think it's great. Posting classified advertising and some ads offer ways to pay the bills and make this site possible.

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Stewart Marcantoni

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Weekend Environments has been in the Audio and Music business since 1992. We started the business out of a love for the hobby while living in Seminole Florida. I had been an Audiophile for many years and had retired young in 1990. My wife noticed that I was spending a lot of money flying to different parts of the country to see and evaluate equipment not available in our area. She came to the conclusion that I would have more fun and probably make some money while toying with my hobby if I started an audio business.

It has been 24 years now, and at one time we carried many of the most prestigious audio lines. Several years ago we closed the showroom realizing we wanted to spend more time traveling and finishing a science fiction trilogy I began four years ago.

The fact that audio is mysterious and magical in so many aspects is an inspiration! I am first and foremost an Audiophile and that has precedence over all business matters.

I have always believed that cables are a component that should not be overlooked, and we believe that a good portion of one’s expense in their system should reflect the need for quality cabling. And we are definitive in our belief "THAT IT ALL STARTS AT THE WALL" Since the beginning, we have advocated the relevance of power cords and line conditioners - - years before their popularity.

Many audiophiles including reviewers and manufactures that once considered this outlook bizarre now refer to me when seeking advice on power cords!

Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata Research fame moved from Mendocino CA. to Port Orchard WA. when he decided to build audio products so that we could work together in laying the groundwork for his line. As a matter of fact, I was the person who suggested that he should make power cords first and then introduce his groundbreaking Hydra line conditioner. Because of the time, we spent working together developing the line I was rewarded by being the exclusive dealer for his Shunyata Research line for 6 months while he began building a dealer network.

I worked for many years with Scott Hall who introduced the first true state of the art power cords: the Electraglide line.

I helped Tim Reed design the extraordinary Dream State line of power cords.

In 1992 the audio experts would recommend that the maximum amount of the budget allocated to audio cables in a system should not exceed 10%. We have seen how quickly those opinions have disappeared.

To many cables are like black magic, voodoo, interesting but a fantasy. My advice to the non believers is let your listening guide your path.

If by chance you are unable to hear the transformation that quality cables and line conditioning can bring to your system do not despair. You just saved a lot of money. Furthermore, there are plenty of other excellent hobbies.
January, 2019 Update.....
I am now retired and have passed on the line to my dear friend and fellow audiophile, Mino Christante. Mino has been in the audio industry for over 14 years, working for Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata Research. Mino was trained by Caelin in product evalution and product development and has been instrumental in reviewing the products of Shunyata Research. Although Mino is in no way affiliated with Shunyata in this capacity, his expertise and experience, as well as stellar customer service abilities were the reasons I picked him to carry on where I left off.
March, 2019 Update.....
We are pleased to announce that we are the exclusive worldwide dealer for the Gravitas Speaker System designed by Luke Zitterkopf of Aluminous Audio. We are excited about this new venture and will be sharing new information about this development soon. Subscribe to our newsletter at A Sanctuary of Sound to keep up to date and also enjoy special prices on cables and other gear.
October, 2019 Update......
The Gravitas Speaker System is the only monitor speaker system in the world that hangs completely suspended in air, is fabricated of solid aluminum, and teams with its own unique pair of tuned subwoofers, allowing for the highest of flexibility in room setup. We individually fabricate one set at a time, based on our clients’ wishes after a review setup in the client’s system and listening location. Color and other accessories are then chosen by the client. When complete, we travel back to the client’s listening room for final delivery and room setup. We do not manufacture speakers. We are a boutique speaker builder. We build and set up your Gravitas monitor subwoofer system as an all-in-one product-service.
If you want to talk about how our speaker system might work with your listening environment, please reach out to Mino Christante at 360.930.9725.


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